Companies are adopting big data platforms as low-cost, high-performance alternatives to legacy data warehouses. Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases are powering data lakes that store both structured and unstructured data, much of which is sensitive. Different teams need access to these repositories, including business analysts, data scientists, and developers.

Enforcing existing enterprise security models in this new paradigm has proven difficult. Most big data platforms were not designed with security in mind and legacy data protection products impose unacceptable trade-offs. NuCypher allows you to cryptographically enforce existing roles and user privileges, without sacrificing performance, functionality, or increasing costs.

A Scalable Policy-Based Approach To Ensure The Right Users Have Access To The Right Data

Multi-Tenant Administration
Revocable Access
Policy-Based Encryption
Separation of Duties

On-Premise or In-The-Cloud

Frictionless and Secure Multi-Tenant Administration

NuCypher allows administrators to delegate permissions to different data sets. They can extend data lakes to more users, securely store sensitive data, and share it with users across departments and organizations. Fine-grained access controls keep everyone in check and limits access to the data they need.


Add and Remove User Access in Real Time

Enterprise User Synchronization

Inherit access policies from your existing LDAP/AD/Kerberos setup to maintain real-time user provisioning and synchronization.


Block Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data

Policy-Based Granular Encryption

Control who can use data, where they can use it, and when they can use it. With granular field and column-level permissions, users can only decrypt the specific slices of the data they are allowed to access.


Maintain Access Policies

Protect Against Internal Threats

Keep administrators and users in their swim lanes to meet compliance and governance requirements. Enforce role-based access controls (RBAC) that are granular enough to enforce the principles of least privilege and separation of duties.

The NuCypher platform provides military-strength encryption and fine-grained access controls. It protects data on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, in compliance with the most demanding governance standards, laws, and regulations. The platform enables shared, multi-tenant data lakes that ensure data can never be accessed without permission.