Unconditional privacy is a fundamental human right. NuCypher empowers individuals to assert that right in the digital age.


MacLane Wilkison

Co-founder and CEO

MacLane is a software engineer and former TMT investment banker at Morgan Stanley. He holds CISSP and CFA designations. He graduated from the University of North Carolina, where he played on the varsity tennis team.

Michael Egorov, PhD

Co-founder and CTO

Michael is a software engineer and scientist, who previously built infrastructure at LinkedIn. A bronze medalist in the 2003 International Physics Olympiad, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, completing a PhD on ultracold atoms in Australia.

David Nuñez, PhD


David is a cryptographer and software engineer. His goal is to solve challenging problems for society using advanced and emergent cryptography. Previously, he was an information security researcher at University of Málaga (UMA), where he completed a PhD in Computer Science.

John Pacific (tux)


John (AKA tux) is a security and cryptography engineer who enjoys working on and understanding complex cryptography problems and challenges. He is interested in making Fully Homomorphic Encryption practical and bringing the benefits of cryptographically sound security to the masses.

Justin Myles Holmes


There isn’t a whole lot about Justin that makes sense, or where he lives likewise. In his school bus, he has explored the USA from the Everglades to Portland, OR, and on down to Fresno. Like so many young men of his generation, Justin writes Python. Justin is an educated man - not the world’s greatest sage maybe - no Rabbi Marshak - but he has a degree in political science from SUNY New Paltz.

Sergey Zotov


Sergey is a software engineer specializing in scalable high performance systems. He studied semiconductor manufacturing technology in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He considers developing complex systems a form of creative expression.

Kieran Prasch


Bogdan Opanchuk, PhD


Bogdan is a former theoretical physicist specializing in high-performance simulations in quantum mechanics and quantum computing. He recently left academia for industry to better employ his GPGPU programming skills.

Ryan Caruso


Derek Pierre

Business Development

Derek is a former software engineer at BlackBerry and Dell. He holds a BMath in Computer Science and an MBA. The challenge of developing technology to solve the world's toughest problems is what drives him.

Arjun Hassard

Product & Partnerships

Eva Evergreene


Justin Blumenthal

MBA Intern

Justin focuses on BD and product management at NuCypher. He was a commodity derivatives trader at Wells Fargo and later worked in agricultural private equity, which influenced much of his thoughts around cryptoeconomics. A Duke University alum, he is currently pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Keaton Bruce


Those that know Keaton will know him as a programming language savant. An artist of the written word. His love of free software (FOSS) pushes him towards producing the most beautiful software that respects all of our freedom and protects our privacy.

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Dave Evans

University of Virginia

Dave is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia and Faculty Director of the Secure Computation research group.

Prof. Giuseppe Ateniese

Stevens Inst. of Technology

Giuseppe is one of the fathers of proxy re-encryption and the department chair in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology.

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