Data governance and compliance requirements are growing in regulated industries, due to the accelerating frequency and scope of data breaches. Big data presents tremendous challenges for those responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance and adhering to data sovereignty regulations. As traditional data repositories with strictly defined rules morph into data lakes filled with a chaotic mix of data, controlling access to sensitive information becomes increasingly unwieldy. And with more users leveraging and processing the data, the resulting outputs themselves have varying levels of sensitivity. These activities make it difficult to perform compliance functions when data is constantly changing, moving between locations, and being accessed by many users.

NuCypher provides data-centric security that follows the data wherever it goes. It integrates with your existing security policies to bring data lakes into compliance with both internal standards and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI. With granular encryption, users can only decrypt the specific slices of data which they are allowed to access. Finally, security professionals can restrict access to sensitive data while freeing it when needed to deliver business insights.

Leverage Existing Roles And Permissions To Easily And Consistently Manage Policies

End-to-End Encryption
Role-Based Access Control
Boundary Control
Key Management

Encryption of Sensitive Data Everywhere It Goes

End-to End Encryption

The NuCypher platform supports granular encryption, allowing fine-grained decryption permissions both for internal employees and external partners and customers. It works seamlessly across multi-tenant environments and centralized data lakes as well as on-premise and in private, hybrid, and public clouds.


Fine Grained Access Controls

Role-Based Access Controls

NuCypher maintains a separation of duties between administrative and authorized user access. It prevents unauthorized access and meets the most stringent privacy, security, and compliance requirements.


Border Patrol for Your Data


NuCypher helps you navigate data sovereignty rules. You can control not only where your data resides, but who can access it and from where. Administrators can define policies based on geographic area, or any number of other factors, to easily follow data sovereignty requirements and protect against both insider threats and external attacks.


FIPS 140-2 Compliant Key Management

Military-Strength Key Management

NuCypher integrates with leading Hardware Security Module (HSM) vendors. Administrators can easily manage keys through policy settings. The platform offers ultra-efficient key rotation where administrators can set policies to re-key in accordance with industry regulations like PCI or with company guidelines.

The NuCypher platform ensures data is readily available and usable for actionable insights. Masking, tokenization, or less sophisticated encryption products impose operational bottlenecks, limit performance, compromise data availability and usability, or fail to protect all data elements. But NuCypher allows organizations to encrypt complete data lakes without latency or downtime.